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Learning without Limits Academy Trust is committed to inspire and develop our staff, support their wellbeing and extend their skills, enabling them to provide an excellent education for all our pupils. 

Trust-wide Training Day - Community

We are pleased to announce our first Trust-wide Training Day for all staff will take place on the 6th January 2025. The day will centre around our community value, bringing all our schools and associate schools together to enjoy a brilliant line-up of 14 speakers - to be announced soon!

Trust CPD Offer 2023/24

trust cpd offer 2023 24 booklet.pdf


CPD Portals

The Readiness Company allows you to access professional development around the Teams and wider Office 365 suite at any time throughout the year and at a pace that suits your own needs.

You are able to gain access by using your Office 365 login details (Academy email and password) and clicking the orange "Login using Office 365" button.

Those in schools with LwLAT in their email address, please use the LwLAT portal.

LwLAT E-Training Library CPD Portal

Lancaster Academy E-Training Library CPD Portal

CPD Experience at LwLAT

Senior Administrator at South Wigston High School

As a new starter at South Wigston High School, I am on a steep learning curve – especially because my role as Senior Administrator sees me cascading some element of what I have found out to existing members of staff. I have been involved in numerous Weduc sessions as part of our on-boarding schedule, accessing introductory and advanced online training.As part of the onboarding process, I have undertaken training for Safeguarding, Data Protection, Health & Safety. 

4Matrix (Performance Data Management) is a programme and area of expertise to which I am totally new, however it’s gradually becoming clearer under the tuition of Ben from Babington - who I will happily admit astounds me with his ability to just ‘know it all’. Thanks Ben! I have also completed Invigilator Training through ‘The Exams Office’ which again has taken me from a low level of understanding to considerably more confidence. 

Trust Catering Manager

I have recently completed the Level 4 in Food Safety for Managers - a course which I have wanted to do for many years. LwLAT has also enabled my team to start apprenticeship training with training provider HIT training, and a plan to allow all catering managers to complete their Level 3 Food Safety training so they can better run their businesses. I encourage everyone to participate in any training which they find interesting and helps them to progress.

Director of Education

Since joining LwLAT, I have learned so much. I've been given the time to engage with a number of professional organisations, such as Challenge Partners and the Confederation of School Trusts (CST), so that I can collaborate with fellow school improvement leads and keep up to date with the very best school improvement nationally. Some of my best CPDhas occurred on the job, working alongside Trust colleagues leading different areas, such as finance, procurement, and governance. When new developments are discussed, we come together from our separate strands to share our perspective and consider questions from every angle. It has been fascinating to see the 'big picture' and learn how much goes on behind the scenes to make high quality education possible.

         Trust Safeguarding Lead            
I have organised a wide range of specialist safeguarding courses for Safeguarding Leads across the Trust. I take the opportunity to attend any training which will further develop my safeguarding knowledge and skills.

 Chief Administrative Officer

I was supported by the Trust to undertake the CIPS qualification and obtain the Agile Project Management Practitioner in response to the specific needs of the Trust.


Chief Operating Officer

The CPD offer at LwLAT is truly unique and embodies an understanding that every role matters. The Trust CPD portfolio meets a range of requirements, however there is the opportunity to present bespoke CPD and apply for funding; as such I will be undertaking a Level 7 Apprenticeship in Leadership.  

Technical Systems Manager 

I completed a week-long training course in Luton to complete my NSE4 firewall training, to help further my knowledge on our firewall systems across the trust. I have also recently completed my DSL training.   




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