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Trust Debating Competition

A big thank you to both Woodstock Primary Academy for hosting and to Rachel Barker, Assistant Principal at Babington Academy, for organising our first Trust Debating Competition! 

Rachel Barker, Babington Academy

The reason behind it was we wanted to provide students the opportunity for debating that was accessible, as many of the debate competitions that exist are for Sixth Formers. We also wanted to support the development of oracy with our students. The aim being for students to feel more confident and gain public speaking experience in a more professional setting, to help prepare them for life beyond school. 


Secondary Phase

1. Babington Academy

2. South Wigston High School

3. Lancaster Academy

Primary Phase

1. Wyken Croft Primary School

2. Woodstock Primary Academy

3. Heatherbrook Primary Academy

Results Breakdown

Statement Proposition Opposition  Winner
Community service is a better punishment than prison for non-violent crimes Babington Academy Lancaster Academy Babington Academy
Mixed gendered schools are academically beneficial than single gendered schools Lancaster Academy South Wigston High School

South Wigston High School

Social media is damaging to young people South Wigston High School Babington Academy Babington Academy
Children should wear school uniform Heatherbrook Primary Academy Woodstock Primary Academy Woodstock Primary Academy
Children should wear school uniform Woodstock Primary Academy Wyken Croft Primary School Wyken Croft Primary School
All children should learn a foreign language Wyken Croft Primary School Heatherbook Primary Academy Wyken Croft Primary School
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