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Wellbeing and Art #Let'sConnect

Throughout Children's Mental Health Week, students across the Trust have been thinking about how we connect through music and other art forms, such as poetry and drawing, to learn more about ourselves and our emotions.  

I do painting because it lets my creativity go and I can do whatever I want with it.

Student Wellbeing Ambassadors shared some of their own experiences about art and connection.

If I am upset or angry I would like to draw or probably do some breathers, but mostly drawing is probably the best method for me.

In music lessons, students have analysed lyrics by addressing personification and meaning. Students (and teachers!) explored how music can evoke emotions and have shared some of their go-to songs to help with feeling connected.

One of my songs that makes me smile is 'Celebration' by Kool and the Gang... I am yet to meet a person who doesn't like this song. - Mr. Gamble, Trust Music Teacher 

Music connects our students to memories.

My mood boosting song is 'One Dance' by Drake. It was all over the place [when it released] and then I started listening to it... it makes me happy and connects me back to the first time I heard it.

Eminem... I heard it when I was growing up... so those are my relaxing songs. 

Student Wellbeing Ambassadors offered insight on the relationship between music and wellbeing.

I like listening to music because it really just gives me a mood boost... it gets me moving and my favourite song would be 'I Ain't Worried' by One Republic because it really motivates me and takes all the stress off my shoulders.

'Phendrana Drifts'... it is a very relaxing song. I feel like it infuses some bits from the 2000s era music but it also features classical piano samples.

They also shared how music can connect us to the important people in our lives.

My favourite song is 'How Do I Say Goodbye' because it reminds me of a lot of my grandad and it brings me back to when I was little and with him a lot. The lyrics remind me of him.

Students have given wonderful feedback on how music can help with wellbeing and mental health when they are feeling overwhelmed with emotions. It is wonderful that music is a safe place for many of our students where they can connect with themselves and others.

Mr. Gamble, Trust Music Teacher

Music is consumed differently these days, music is now more accessible to students and they have a broader, more diverse spectrum... it is educating students. Lyrics and musicians across the world can have a positive influence for students.

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